Honeymoon in Morocco

Planning the honeymoon can be just as exciting, if not more, then planning the wedding.

There were a few factors we needed to take into account when my husband and I were choosing our perfect honeymoon destination. The special destination had to be adventurous and romantic.

He needed to surf and I wanted adventure.


After discussing a few different scenarios, we agreed on Morocco.


We had one month and a fairly trusty rental car.


We followed rugged coastlines, got lost in the madness of mystical medinas, trekked to villages in the High Atlas, made friends with families who dwelled in ancient caves, listened to the enchanting musical sounds of

the Berber, slept under the stars of the Sahara, explored the palm fringed oasis’s, swum in cooling waterfalls and shared many aromatic tagines and mint teas on the roof top of stunning Riads. Places and moments

where we talked and dreamed our future together. 

Here are some memories of our journey

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